Open and Closed Tasks

There are no checkmarks. Steps uses empty and filled circles to indicate which task is open and which is closed. Your Open list shows all open tasks and your Closed list shows all closed tasks.

Single View Philosophy

Steps has a single view philosophy. You see it all in the same view. Pages don’t exist in Steps, you never have to leave the view to create and edit your lists, notes or reminders.

Automatic Sorting

Automatic sorting shows your next due tasks at the top of your lists. Just set a due date and time. Your Open list always knows the next task to work on.

Sync With iCloud

Sync and backup your data on iCloud, so you can use the same lists on multiple devices. Steps syncs with Google Tasks too. (Note: no iPhone Calendar syncing.)

Due Dates and Reminders

Add a due date and time for open tasks. Steps will remind you at the time you added. A red badge on your Steps icon will show how many reminders you missed.

Save Your Task Notes

Use notes to remember more text than your task title. Write longer notes, or simply store items to remember, names, street addresses, phone numbers or URLs.

More features are coming soon

Steps will soon include more features, which will help you even more to integrate Steps in your daily workflow. We are listening to your feedback and we are considering every idea carefully before adding a new feature. We focus on making your life easier, not more complex. Steps should stay as simple and elegant as it is, to get out of the way as much as possible.

What people and the press are saying

“In terms of presentation, Steps has evidently had a ton of time invested into it. Even though it’s only got a few menus, the application looks entirely polished and crisp. It boasts a blue color theme with every UI element adopting a different shade of the blue for means of contrast. From the icon itself, you can make out the attention devoted to detail.”
iPhone Alley

“Incredibly fast sync. Was wondering why there is no sync button. But there’s no need, because changes are instant.”

“It’s infinitely simpler than Reminders for setting alerts.
I love it.”

“It really is a great app!”

“I found Steps to be easy-to-use… …Give Steps a try. It may be just what you were looking for.”

“You don’t go to a new level, window, or pane, instead, part of the screen just slides away to reveal your items.”