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We Hear You

When we first announced Steps, we were not prepared for so many nice and enthusiastic responses. We knew that Steps was going to make a few people happy, but we were overwhelmed with the positive and encouraging feedback you gave … Continue reading

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A New, Improved Website

Everything we do starts with one thought: How can we make it better? This leads to a cycle of improvement, because ultimately, almost everything can be made better. Our first public appearance with Steps lies only a few weeks back. … Continue reading

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Badges and Other Features

There have been a couple of questions we haven’t talked about yet. Some people thought there are no badges, but there are. Or Web syncing, or how iCloud syncing actually works. Continue reading

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It’s Here

Just in time for the weekend, Apple has approved Steps 1.0 for iPhone. It is now available on the App Store. From the responses we got on Twitter and here, we know a lot of you have been waiting for … Continue reading

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