A First Step

Since August 2011, we have been working on a new app called Steps. We are really excited about it, because we think it is a revolutionary approach on how we do things throughout our day.

Steps is more than an iPhone app. We intend to bring it out on iPhone, iPad, Android, as well as Mac OS. Steps lets you manage your tasks of a day, independently of the task list they belong to. For an example, you may have work tasks, home errands and you are planning your next vacation. For all these things you make individual lists, and everything is neatly sorted. But when you go through your day, you want to check off those tasks based on your situation. You are at different places at different times, surrounded by people you work with and live with. Your life context changes on the go, wherever you are.

There are a lot of solutions out there for lists, task managers and reminders. They are all doing some things right, but none of them are really great. We thought there ought to be a better way.

Steps has been designed from the ground up. We thought about the whole process of what people are doing throughout their day. We considered what such an app should do, or not do, what is useful and what should get out of the way. We rethought virtually everything we could find. But this work wouldn’t be complete if we wouldn’t consider what people are already using. We all have our personal systems, ways how we manage our day. And we wanted to integrate Steps in those processes, making it as easy and smooth as possible to connect your tasks with the stuff you use, the places you go to and the people you work or live with.

So Steps will sync with Google Tasks and iCloud. It follows a single screen philosophy, which means you don’t have to use both hands to go back and forth between pages to enter task or list titles. You can do everything with one hand. And you can check individual lists, or your combined “Open” list, all with a single tap.

Steps is different than anything we have seen in the market of to-do and task managers. And this is just the beginning, because we are already thinking about collaboration, about assigned and shared tasks. We have a vision with Steps that goes way beyond task lists.

Steps will be available by mid February and we hope you will like it and agree with us, that it is a lot better than every other task manager you have used.

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