A New, Improved Website

Everything we do starts with one thought: How can we make it better? This leads to a cycle of improvement, because ultimately, almost everything can be made better.

Our first public appearance with Steps lies only a few weeks back. We decided that a blog would be the best option for our Web presence, at least for the beginning. Now our communication needs have changed. You came back to us with a lot of feedback, critique, encouragements and ideas. We also wanted to give Steps a better home, a place with room to grow.

It is live!

Our new, improved website is now live. To be honest, we just love it. We think it is serving your needs much better, not just ours. You find all information easily and there is a space for our blog, a ticket system for bug reports and a section for your voices.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please feel free to post them in our brand new Forums. Of course, as always, you can also comment directly to our blog articles, but please make sure that your replies are related to the article you are posting it at. If you have a suggestion for Steps, it might be overseen if it was posted as a comment. We created the Forums for your thoughts and comments on Steps.

So, how do you like our new website?

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