Steps Now Available For 99 Cents, iPhone 5 Ready

Despite the fact that our resources are very limited right now, we began working on an update for Steps as soon as Apple introduced the iPhone 5. The new version 1.0.3 will support the larger screen of the iPhone 5, which gives you more space for lists and list items. Our single view philosophy is ideal for the taller iPhone 5 screen: Everything is visible at once. Pages don’t exist in Steps. You never have to flip between views or pages to open and edit your lists.

We have submitted Steps 1.0.3 to iTunes Connect on September 24, 2012, and are waiting for it to be reviewed.

Along with this update, today we are lowering the price for Steps down to $0.99! Steps has a great fellowship of users who love the app, and we think we reach even more people with a lower price.

New task managers come out every week, but Steps is still one of the best options out there. We believe that until today, the ease of use, the innovative user interface and the capabilities of Steps, to sync with Google Tasks and iCloud (data storage), have been unmatched.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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The Future Ahead

When we introduced Steps in spring 2012, we had initially a good response. People loved the app and confirmed we were heading in the right direction. We got a lot of feedback asking for specific features, and after considering each idea, we settled for a set of improvements we wanted to introduce with version 2.0.

Following our traditional approach of a ZEN like, minimalist and focussed experience, we tried to improve without adding weight. The new user experience is really great and we are looking forward to realize it soon. However, in order to do that, we need to find a source for financing this development.

Continued development requires a lot of working hours. We are a very small team and our resources are limited. We began working on Steps by investing our own capital and now we have come to a point where this is no longer working. High quality development is not free and we want Steps to remain affordable. We believe in the idea and we know it will be even more successful if we continue to follow our vision for Steps and Stepboard.

What happened?

Because technology blogs focussed on different apps, we did not get the coverage we had initially hoped. This was leading to not being featured in the App Store, and now you really need to search for Steps to find it. This is how the App Store works, unfortunately. There is no easy way to promote your app aside of what is supported by Apple.

We considered running a fund raising campaign using Kickstarter, but since our home is in Europe and India, we are not allowed to participate. Only U.S. based companies can run campaigns on Kickstarter. There are other options, like Indiegogo, which are not as limited, but unfortunately also not nearly as effective. Still, we are considering these options carefully.

What are the next steps?

We are actively looking for an investor. This is not only about the future of Steps, it is about the big picture, the vision we have for Steps and Stepboard as a productivity platform. There is a lot of work on the horizon, with a Web app, a desktop and Android app and of course Steps 2.0 on the iPhone.

If you are a capital investor, or if you know capital investors who might be interested in a revolutionary concept for productivity and collaborative intelligence, let’s talk!

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New Functions And Features We Won’t Implement

We released Steps in beginning March, and it has been a big success so far. Some users pointed out they were missing certain features or had ideas on how to improve Steps. We are thankful for every new idea. We evaluate them all very carefully before we go ahead and implement a new feature.

Steps was designed with the idea to remove unnesseary clutter and to focus on usage, on how the app implements in your daily life. It was made to do tasks, not so much to manage them. We decided to leave out flagging, tagging, complex sorting or task management features, for this very reason. Steps should be easy to pull up and fast to use. Fast means also having a single window to work with, not having to flip between panes to access a feature.

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We Hear You

When we first announced Steps, we were not prepared for so many nice and enthusiastic responses. We knew that Steps was going to make a few people happy, but we were overwhelmed with the positive and encouraging feedback you gave us.

Steps is like a young child. It needs a lot of nurturing and needs time to grow up. It can’t do everything you wish right from the start, but we are making sure it is learning more every day. So please be a little patient with Steps and give us some time to work out bugs and to implement new features.

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A New, Improved Website

Everything we do starts with one thought: How can we make it better? This leads to a cycle of improvement, because ultimately, almost everything can be made better.

Our first public appearance with Steps lies only a few weeks back. We decided that a blog would be the best option for our Web presence, at least for the beginning. Now our communication needs have changed. You came back to us with a lot of feedback, critique, encouragements and ideas. We also wanted to give Steps a better home, a place with room to grow.

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Badges and Other Features

The response we got on the release of Steps, on the App Store, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, has been great. It is exciting and encouraging, because it means we have done a couple of things right. Your enthusiasm and your criticism is really making us happy, and helping us to understand your needs.

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It’s Here

Just in time for the weekend, Apple has approved Steps 1.0 for iPhone. It is now available on the App Store. From the responses we got on Twitter and here, we know a lot of you have been waiting for this moment.

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After months of testing it ourselves, we are now involving a handful of trusted testers to use Steps in the real world. It looks promising so far; we haven’t found any new bugs yet. There are still a few features missing in this beta version, which are going to be part of the final release. We are hoping to ship Steps 1.0 for iPhone within the next couple of weeks.

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The End of Checkmarks

Like many ideas, the design of Steps began with a list. And like many lists, it started on paper, in a Moleskine notebook. This list was about things that current task managers do, and more imporantly, what they are not doing right. For an example, it asked why we need to spend so much time sorting, tagging and flagging tasks. It included thoughts about daily situations, like when you are waiting in the line of a coffeeshop and you just want to see what’s next on your to-do list. Soon, this list contained a whole a bunch of ideas and questions. At the top was a question:

Why do we need checkmarks?

To get right to the point: We think it’s time to say good bye to checkmarks. They are a relict of the 20th century. They belong to pen and paper, where they did a great job, for a very long time.

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