How To Use Steps

Steps is now available on the App Store. Version 1.0 for iPhone includes the following features:

  • Create a new list by tapping on the plus icon
  • Create a new task by tapping on the plus icon
  • Add a note by tapping on the note icon
  • Add a due date and time
    (Note: times are not synced with Google Tasks, because of limitations of Google’s API)
  • Reminders with cheerful sound
  • A task turns red on the due date
  • Tasks appear in hierarchic order, automatically sorted by due date
  • Edit a list or task by double tapping on the text

  • Sort manually by tapping and holding a task
    (Note: tasks with due date cannot be sorted)
  • Mark a task or list as closed by tapping on the circle
  • First time message to confirm marking a whole list closed
  • Bring back closed tasks by tapping on the full circle
  • Delete a task or list by swiping it to the left
  • Steps syncs with Google Tasks
    (Note: requires a Google account)
  • Steps syncs with iCloud
    (Note: requires iCloud account and data backup activation)

Please note that at the moment you cannot sort lists. This is due to a limitation of how iOS works. We are looking into a solution but for the time being we don’t have an option to change this. We are working on a number of features which we plan to introduce with version 1.5. Among them are location based reminders and sharing tasks or lists by e-mail.