It’s Here

Just in time for the weekend, Apple has approved Steps 1.0 for iPhone. It is now available on the App Store. From the responses we got on Twitter and here, we know a lot of you have been waiting for this moment.

There has been also speculation about the price. A lot of work went into Steps to make it work the way we had envisioned. So we considered a higher pricing range. But in the last two weeks, after we have seen your encouraging responses, we felt it was a better idea to give you Steps for a much lower price. We want a lot of people to be able to use Steps, students, teachers, moms and dads, not only business managers. So we decided to offer Steps 1.0 for a special introductory price of 99 cents, worldwide.

A few words about features. Remember, this is just the beginning. We don’t want to pack Steps full of features you don’t really need that often. So there are no recurring tasks, for the moment. Or more task managing within Steps for iPhone. We feel that each device has its own set of relevant features and on the go it doesn’t make sense when you have to juggle with a lot of features. You go through your day checking off what you accomplish. Keep in mind that a lot of these feature ideas are under steady consideration. We might change our opinion in future.

At the moment you can also not sort lists. This is due to a limitation of how iOS handles table headers. We are working on a solution for this, because it makes sense to sort lists just as you can sort tasks.

There is more to come and we will talk about it here. Stay tuned and enjoy going through your day with Steps!

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