The Future Ahead

When we introduced Steps in spring 2012, we had initially a good response. People loved the app and confirmed we were heading in the right direction. We got a lot of feedback asking for specific features, and after considering each idea, we settled for a set of improvements we wanted to introduce with version 2.0.

Following our traditional approach of a ZEN like, minimalist and focussed experience, we tried to improve without adding weight. The new user experience is really great and we are looking forward to realize it soon. However, in order to do that, we need to find a source for financing this development.

Continued development requires a lot of working hours. We are a very small team and our resources are limited. We began working on Steps by investing our own capital and now we have come to a point where this is no longer working. High quality development is not free and we want Steps to remain affordable. We believe in the idea and we know it will be even more successful if we continue to follow our vision for Steps and Stepboard.

What happened?

Because technology blogs focussed on different apps, we did not get the coverage we had initially hoped. This was leading to not being featured in the App Store, and now you really need to search for Steps to find it. This is how the App Store works, unfortunately. There is no easy way to promote your app aside of what is supported by Apple.

We considered running a fund raising campaign using Kickstarter, but since our home is in Europe and India, we are not allowed to participate. Only U.S. based companies can run campaigns on Kickstarter. There are other options, like Indiegogo, which are not as limited, but unfortunately also not nearly as effective. Still, we are considering these options carefully.

What are the next steps?

We are actively looking for an investor. This is not only about the future of Steps, it is about the big picture, the vision we have for Steps and Stepboard as a productivity platform. There is a lot of work on the horizon, with a Web app, a desktop and Android app and of course Steps 2.0 on the iPhone.

If you are a capital investor, or if you know capital investors who might be interested in a revolutionary concept for productivity and collaborative intelligence, let’s talk!

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