We Hear You

When we first announced Steps, we were not prepared for so many nice and enthusiastic responses. We knew that Steps was going to make a few people happy, but we were overwhelmed with the positive and encouraging feedback you gave us.

Steps is like a young child. It needs a lot of nurturing and needs time to grow up. It can’t do everything you wish right from the start, but we are making sure it is learning more every day. So please be a little patient with Steps and give us some time to work out bugs and to implement new features.

Many of you responded to us on Twitter. It’s a great way to get in touch with us directly. Follow us, if you want to be informed about updates!

But we want to do more than that. We want to provide an open space where all of us can exchange ideas and suggestions.

Today, we have implemented a new section on our website: the forums. It is for anything you’d like to talk about, regarding Steps or related topics, like task management, list apps, to do lists, etc. Use it to post your feature whishes, your ideas and your stories on how you integrate Steps in your life.

We hear you. And we are looking forward to hear from you too!

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