Why Is Steps Different?

Steps is a task manager that has been designed from the ground up. We think there is too much “manage” in existing task managers. They let you sort your tasks, but then you need to flag them, tag them, prioritize and sort them. You need to figure out if they should be done today or tomorrow, or some day in the future. We figured you shouldn’t have to go through all that to get things done.

So we made tough design decisions to improve the known experience of task lists. We threw out what we thought is unnecessary bulk. We tried to maintain the simplicity of pen and paper, while adding the benefits of a mobile, interactive app, like syncing with different devices, or reminding you of tasks when they are due. We made Steps work with you, not making you work for the app.

Steps follows a single screen philosophy, which means you see everything on one screen, and you can do everything with a single hand. The Open list shows you all open tasks, and the Closed list shows you all completed tasks. You mark items as done by tapping the circle icon. An empty circle means it is an open task, a full circle means it has been completed.

We designed Steps to show you with one view what is important. High color contrast between lists and tasks indicates how many items in your list are still open. And if you mark one task done, it will disappear from your Open task list and move to Closed. Because when you are done, it should be out of the way. We also introduce a new feature called maturity status: the closer a due date gets, the task name turns red. This is a visual reminder that is subtle, but you will see with one view which task is coming closer to the point when it needs to be done.

We put a lot of thinking into Steps. Even with small design improvements, we think we are making your life a lot simpler. And this is just the beginning. We are constantly thinking about how to make Steps the list in your pocket that thinks with you and helps you to achieve your tasks throughout your day.